RAPID an NGO whose MISSION is to create economic, social and cultural opportunities for women in distress through skill development, employment and counseling. Our VISION is that all women have the skills and self-confidence to be active and independent members of society.






Success Stories





Over the course of our work we have witnessed the transformation of numerous lives. Nearly every day we are reminded of why we are here through our member's progress and stories. Some of our members have been with us from the beginning, and treat us like part of their family. And, we are welcoming new members in to our community every week. In a recent needs assessment, RAPID asked some of our members what type of support they expected to receive from friends. Many of them responded with something along the lines of, "My only friends are at RAPID." Here is a glimpse of our work. Please note that names have been changed for confidentiality purposes.

Gowri, 24 years staying at Banashankari slum was married at the very early age of 14 years. Within 9 years of their marriage, she was deserted by her husband with one child of 8 years old. Gowri started staying with her mother and younger brother after desertion. They are economically weak.  Gowri has speech problem due to cleft palate. Due to this problem she cannot speak properly. Gowri’s husband knew this before marriage but even then deserted her. Gowri is working as a house maid.  She finds it difficult to continue her child’s education with the little salary she earns.

Gowri approached RAPID through one of the volunteer. She wanted educational assistance for her son. In the course of our interaction with Gowri, we also insisted her to consult a doctor for her speech problem. But she was reluctant as she had already consulted doctors before and could not bear the medical cost. RAPID took her to Jain Hospital for consultation and also got her cleft palate operated free of cost She is very now happy and confident. She now works in a beauty saloon and spa with a better salary.

Deepu, a young 18 year old girl with 2 year old son and a 5 months old daughter on her lap approached RAPID through a PRERANA staff.  Deepu has no parents.  She lived with her paternal aunt.  Deepu loved her neighbor, Raju and her aunt got her married with him at the age of 15 years.  Trouble began immediately after the marriage. She was harassed mentally every day by her in-laws.  When she was pregnant for 2nd child, her husband and in-laws forced her to abort the baby.  But she refused.  When she came to her aunt’s home for delivery her husband got married for second time.  Her aunt also started torturing her and forcing her to go and earn money by any means.  She also forced her for prostitution.  Deepu tried to commit suicide.  Deepu’s friend Rheya rescued her, gave her shelter for 2 days and brought her to RAPID.

We have admitted Deepu in Abhayashrama for temporary home stay facility. RAPID is also helping Deepu to continue her education and get her some skill development training.
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