RAPID an NGO whose MISSION is to create economic, social and cultural opportunities for women in distress through skill development, employment and counseling. Our VISION is that all women have the skills and self-confidence to be active and independent members of society.
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One of the root causes of being economically poor is lack of education. The majority of RAPID members have not completed secondary education and some of our members have never stepped foot in a classroom. For many of these women it is too late to pursue additional basic education, which is the reason we focus on their skill development. Yet it is not too late for their children.

Six years ago RAPID started investing in the education of our children's members. We call this an investment because of the resulting social return that will benefit our member's families, as well society at large.

The purpose of our investment is twofold. On one hand, we invest in children's education in order to provide economic security and assurance for their entire family. There is also the larger picture. We believe that by investing in future generations we will help prevent the circumstances that many of our members are struggling to overcome. Education is the key not only to job security, but also to improve quality of job an individual is eligible for.

With the guidance and support from Prerana, Bangalore we were able to increase the number of scholarship recipients onwards, from 2008 , awarding a total of 177. 103 of these scholarships went to girls, 15 of whom have been admitted to begin their college studies. These scholarships provide support for tuition expenses to students of all levels ranging from 1st standard to college. In addition, for member's who cannot even afford basic school supplies, we provided a total of 56 notebooks.




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